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Residential Tenancies Insulation Regulations

1. Under the final Cabinet decisions, how will I know if I need to upgrade my insulation to meet the Residential Tenancies Insulation Regulations? Residential Tenancies Insulation Regulations will require rental properties that already have insulation installed be upgraded if the ceiling and underfloor insulation does not meet the R-value levels set out in the table belowContinue Reading >

Landlords Required to Insulate Rental Property

Landlords Required to Insulate Rental Property Landlords are required to Insulate rental property and install smoke alarms in certain rentals after a law change. Rentals with no insulation will need to upgrade to 2008 standards by July 2019, unless it is physically impossible to put in ceiling and floor insulation. Building and Housing Minister DrContinue Reading >

Safe-R Insulation Heating Advice

Safe-R Insulation Heating Advice The chill of winter is finally making its way into our homes, so get some free heating advice from Safe-R Insulation. You may have already dusted off the heaters and switched your summer sheets for heavier bedding. But how do you make the most of the heating options available to you? WeContinue Reading >

Insulation New Zealand

Insulation New Zealand Good quality insulation helps keep the heat in during winter and out during summer. This makes your house easier and cheaper to heat properly, and more comfortable and healthy to live in. The priority for insulating your home should be ceiling followed by wall and then underfloor insulation. Installation can often beContinue Reading >

Landlord Insulation Assessment

LandLord Insulation Assessment of Existing Insulation The minimum ceiling and underfloor insulation performance requirements for landlord insulation installed before 1 July 2016 are shown below. Masonry minimum (Solid construction, including concrete block single-skin brick etc) Ceiling R 1.5 – Underfloor R 0.9 Timber-framed and other construction minimum Ceiling R 1.9 – Underfloor R 0.9 RuleContinue Reading >