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Retrofit Wall Insulation Options

Retrofit Wall Insulation Options We all know that the majority of New Zealand’s ageing housing stock is not adequately insulated, and while an effort is being made to retrofit ceilings and floors, the absence of retrofit wall insulation options dramatically reduces the benefit of this effort.  The key to good thermal performance is a completedContinue Reading >

Insulation R Value Information

What is an insulation R Value? The term insulation R value which everyone uses is widely misunderstood. R-value measures the resistance to heat flow of a building component. In your home multiple components are used (timber framing, air gaps, lining and insulation), which all have different insulation R values. Most insulation manufacturers, suppliers and bureaucratsContinue Reading >

Insulation is Important

Kiwis put sun and warmth top of the list when it comes to housing The results from the annual Homestar / survey show why insulation is important, with a rising preference for high levels of insulation and orientation for sun – outstripping expectations. Paul McKenzie, National Marketing Manager at, said the increased preferenceContinue Reading >

Residential Tenancies Insulation Regulations

1. Under the final Cabinet decisions, how will I know if I need to upgrade my insulation to meet the Residential Tenancies Insulation Regulations? Residential Tenancies Insulation Regulations will require rental properties that already have insulation installed be upgraded if the ceiling and underfloor insulation does not meet the R-value levels set out in the table belowContinue Reading >

Landlords Required to Insulate Rental Property

Landlords Required to Insulate Rental Property Landlords are required to Insulate rental property and install smoke alarms in certain rentals after a law change. Rentals with no insulation will need to upgrade to 2008 standards by July 2019, unless it is physically impossible to put in ceiling and floor insulation. Building and Housing Minister DrContinue Reading >