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Insulation R Value Information

What is an insulation R Value? The term insulation R value which everyone uses is widely misunderstood. R-value measures the resistance to heat flow of a building component. In your home multiple components are used (timber framing, air gaps, lining and insulation), which all have different insulation R values. Most insulation manufacturers, suppliers and bureaucratsContinue Reading >

Retrofit Wall Insulation Options

Retrofit Wall Insulation Options We all know that the majority of New Zealand’s ageing housing stock is not adequately insulated, and while an effort is being made to retrofit ceilings and floors, the absence of retrofit wall insulation options dramatically reduces the benefit of this effort.  The key to good thermal performance is a completedContinue Reading >

Rental Insulation

Rental Insulation New rules announced by the government will require landlords to get rental insulation. They must be insulated and have smoke alarms by July 2019. “The new law will require retrofitting of ceiling and underfloor insulation in rental homes over the next four years,” Dr Smith said in a statement. 180,000 New Zealand homesContinue Reading >

Existing Lined Wall Cavity Insulation

Existing Lined Wall Cavity Insulation You don’t need to remove linings to install existing lined wall cavity insulation. These can be insulated by drilling and filling holes through the external or internal lining with either a water repellent dry fibre or wet foam system. With either wall insulation system there are usually three to fourContinue Reading >

Best Insulation works

How does the best insulation work? Safe-R Insulation explains how the best insulation works Trying to get the best Insulation is very interesting! Not only does it help make your home warmer in the winter, but it also helps keep it cool in the summer. Heat flows naturally from warmer to cooler spaces. In winter,Continue Reading >