How to check your Underfloor Insulation

If you can access the underfloor area in your home, grab a torch and have a quick look for the presence of underfloor insulation. There are typically 3 things you might find: Bulk insulation – this includes rigid polystyrene sheets, or softer products like polyester, wool and fibreglass. Most of the time bulk insulation will beContinue Reading >

Safe-R Insulation – The Company Behind CosyWall

Safe-R is the Auckland Insulation company behind CosyWall Insulation. Safe-R was established in 1987 to develop and distribute innovative thermal and acoustical insulation systems throughout New Zealand. Our insulation systems are designed to deliver excellent INSTALLED performance, rather than just stating misleading ‘bale’ R-values. At Safe-R Insulation, we select the best worldwide material manufacturer for a particularContinue Reading >

Ceiling Insulation Options

Ceiling Insulation Options There are two common types of ceiling insulation: bulk, which fits between or rolls over ceiling joists, and loose-fill, which is blown in or sprayed. Bulk ceiling insulation comes in two types – segments (batts), which fit between the joists above your ceiling, and blanket which is rolled out across the top ofContinue Reading >

Underfloor insulation options New Zealand homes typically have two main types of underfloor insulation installed, these being bulk and foil underfloor insulation.  However retrofitting or repairing foil insulation in residential buildings is now banned so any new installations are done with bulk underfloor insulation. Bulk underfloor insulation can be made from polyester, wool, polystyrene, fibreglassContinue Reading >

Ceiling Insulation New Zealand

The need to improve warmth and dryness of existing residential dwellings is important for both homeowners and landlords. The first step in making such improvements is widely recognised as the installation of ceiling insulation.Over the last 20 years governments have invested in campaigns to encourage the installation of insulation and provided subsidies for households and landlordsContinue Reading >