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Retrofit Insulation to your home

Why Retrofit Insulation To Your Home Retrofit insulation to your home and start saving. Heating and cooling account for 50 to 70% of the energy used in the average home. Inadequate insulation and air leakage are leading causes of energy waste in most homes. Retrofit insulation to your home correctly with designed & fitted insulation: –Continue Reading >

New rules surrounding the installation and repair of foil insulation

New rules surrounding the installation and repair of foil insulation. With the holiday DIY period coming up Safe-R Insulation would like to remind everybody about the changes to the rules concerning foil insulation. Since 1 July 2016 a simple repair, such as re-stapling a piece of torn foil back into place, could earn a fine ofContinue Reading >

Installing Insulation

Get it right when installing insulation Keep the cold air out and the warm air inside your home by installing Jet Stream Max ceiling insulation in your roof space. Jet Stream Max is a soft, white, granulated mineral wool product – similar to cotton wool – which is blown in to your roof space. ItContinue Reading >

Adding Insulation to Walls

Adding Insulation to Walls with CosyWall Insualtion Adding insulation to walls by retro-fitting wall insulation used to be an unpleasant, expensive and messy task. CosyWall has changed all this by offering an affordable, quick and clean method of adding insulation to the walls of your home, and with it’s high insulation values, it is more effective than mostContinue Reading >

Insulation in houses

Insulation in houses If your house gets cold or damp and your heating bills are higher than you’d like, then insulation could be the solution. Homes built in New Zealand since the 1970’s have had some degree of insulation so we know that you can’t have a warm, healthy house without it. Often people tryContinue Reading >